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Kami Sangat Berbeda

by Rev. Dr. Harry Lee on

Sebagai suami dan isteri kami sangat berbeda dalam banyak hal, perbedaan ini menyebabkan kami semakin jauh satu dengan yang lainnya...... Read full article

Stacey Dash Recalls God's Voice Saving Her From Undergoing Abortion


Actress and Fox News commentator Stacey Dash's reality is just as dramatic as the roles she's taken on, overcoming drug use and molestation before making it big in New York City. Yet in the midst of all of that, she was able to hear God's voice...... Read full article

10 Suggestions for Raising Godly Children

by Ron Edmonson on

Realize that raising godly children does not usually happen by accident. It will require proper planning and implementation. You can’t just “hope” for the Bible to impact the life of your children. You’ll have to work at it daily.... Read full article

Komunikasi, Bukan Hanya Sekedar Kata-Kata (2)


"Peran Serta Bad Day Dalam Komunikasi". Sebelum penulis melanjutkan tulisan ini, penulis ingin bertanya kepada Anda sekalian yang membaca artikel penulis hari ini, apakah "Bad Day" (Hari Buruk) itu sesungguhnya ada? ... Read full article

Komunikasi, Bukan Hanya Sekedar Kata-Kata (1)


Tuhan tidak pernah menciptakan manusia dengan tujuan untuk hidup sendiri, karena itu kepada Adam Tuhan memberikan Hawa agar mereka saling dapat mengisi kekosongan hidup mereka dengan berkomunikasi dan berbagi beban. ... Read full article

Woman who was driving while praying with her eyes closed hits house

by Adrian Mijangos on

A 28-year-old woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation after driving into a Mary Esther house Thursday morning.... Read full article

3 Things Your Children Should Know About Gender Identity


With Bruce Jenning's recent sex-change operation making headlines, your children may have questions about their gender. Here's how to handle that conversation.... Read full article

Kids' Addiction to Electronic Media: How Parents Can Wisely Put a Limit to Gaming and More

by Gregory and Marina Slayton on

What can we do to limit his time in front of a screen so he can live a normal life? ... Read full article

Harga Sebuah Kejujuran

by Daily Mail on

Akibat Kejujurannya, Perempuan Pemulung Ini...... Read full article

Losing Faith: Tips for Christian Parents Whose Teen Is Not Interested in Church

by Gregory and Marina Slayton on

My wife and I are concerned that our children are finding the life of faith not particularly relevant. They are in their teen years. What steps can we take to show them the importance of faith in their lives?... Read full article