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Mengucap Syukur


Karena manusia hanya mengetahui apa yang di depan mata, Tetapi TUHAN MENGETAHUI JAUH KEDEPAN TENTANG RENCANA YANG INDAH BAGI MEREKA YANG MENGASIHI DIA.... Read full article

God Used Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” to Rescue Michael Phelps From Suicide

by Megan Briggs on

Surely if you’ve won as many as Michael Phelps you could feasibly ride that feeling of accomplishment the rest of your life. However, this was not the case for Phelps. Even after winning eight gold medals in Beijing... Read full article

Why Can’t We Christians Laugh Anymore?

by Leslie Leyland Fields on

"At a time when evangelicals feel culturally embattled, it seems we’ve lost our ability to laugh." -- Leslie Leyland Fields... Read full article

Perbedaan Suara Allah dan Suara Iblis dan Setan

by Tomy Franes Kie on

Dalam hal kemuliaan suara Allah memuliakan nama Yesus sedangkan suara setan menjatuhkan nama Yesus... Read full article

Mempertaruhkan Nyawa Menyelundupkan Alkitab di Asia Tengah

by Open Doors Indonesia on

Untuk mengikut Kristus dan menghidupi setiap ajaran-Nya, seseorang harus rela kehilangan nyawa dan kesenangannya. Berani mengambil resiko bertarung dengan dunia untuk mempertahankan kebenaran dari-Nya. ... Read full article

16 Billionaires Who Prove Jesus Is the Only Thing Needed for Success

by Jessalyn Justice on

From Truett Cathy to the Benham Brothers to Pat Robertson, Jesus-followers are making an impact across American culture. ... Read full article

Holocaust Survivor Lord Weidenfeld Sets Up Fund To Rescue Christian Refugees

by Jas Chana on

British publisher Lord Weidenfeld, a Jewish peer who was rescued from Nazi-occupied Austria and transported to Britain by Christians in 1938, has pledged to return the favor by funding the rescue of Syrian and Iraqi Christian refugees.... Read full article

Stacey Dash Recalls God's Voice Saving Her From Undergoing Abortion


Actress and Fox News commentator Stacey Dash's reality is just as dramatic as the roles she's taken on, overcoming drug use and molestation before making it big in New York City. Yet in the midst of all of that, she was able to hear God's voice...... Read full article